Jackol Translation Services Rates

Rates depend on many aspects, such as the field of translation, the format of the source text, the target group for the translation, number of words (standard pages or characters), date of delivery and the degree of complexity of the source documents. There are different ways to bill for translations and proofreading. For translation I use the per word billing system in the source document, which is currently the most common standard. By using CAT tools I can easily count the number of words and the concordance percentage of phrases in the document, which ensures considerable savings for the customer. As a result a price quotation can be submitted within a very short time. For correction of translated texts I use the per source word or per hour of work billing system which depends on the quality of the translation or on the mutual agreement. The price quotation for translation or correction is submitted for free.

Additional Information:

  • I accept bank transfers (SHA), Skrill and PayPal
  • Minimum price for your order is EUR 15.
  • I'm registered as a VAT payer (CZ7501193139).
  • No extra fees for express translations are charged.
  • I provide discounts for repetitive texts.
  • The submitted detailed quotation, which is settled before starting the work, is exact and fixed.
  • The quotation for DTP services is settled based on a detailed analysis in cooperation with a partner studio.
  • In case of a cancellation of the order I only charge for the finished part of the work.
Example of billing according to repetitive texts:
  • New words and <74% = 100% (of the full price)
  • Fuzzy (with previous translations or TM) (75-99%) = 70% (of the full price)
  • 100% repetitions (with previous translations or TM) = 20% (of the full price)

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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